Fun Activities for Kids: Making Juice

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I recently learned of a fun activity to do with my children. A fun activity for kids to try is juice making. This activity is fun and easy for any kid to do, no matter what their age. Not only is it a great activity but it also teaches them about making healthy eating choices in life and how juice is made. My son could not wait to try making his own juice after seeing his favorite cartoon character on TV do it, an so our experiment began. This is a fun activity to do with your kids after some fun and interactive sports betting games via

To begin this fun activity I took my son to the grocery store and let him pick out any fruit he wanted. Although he was convinced we only needed one lime and one grapefruit at first, but he quickly got excited about going around to all the fruit and picking which he liked best. We went around to the different types of fruits and I would explain to him what each one was and how it tasted. He then would make his decision based on what he thought he would like best.

After we were well stocked with fruit for our juice we headed home. With the anticipation hardly contained inside his little body we started our day of juice making. I got him a chair to put by the sink and let him wash all the fruit off before he gave them to me to cut into quarter sections.


I do not have a juicer so we had to make due with a food processor, which worked great. I carefully let my son select from the sliced fruit which ones he wanted to drop inside the machine. After a glass of juice had been made we would take a drink and discuss how we could change it and make it taste even better.

With each glass he changed the amount of certain fruit that were placed into the food processor. After a few glasses and the fruit began to dwindle he found his perfect juice consisting of apple, orange and lemon. This activity made him feel for proud of his juice making accomplishment.

I tried juice making as an experiment to do with my son and quickly realized what a fun activity it was. Now we have turned it into a weekly event and every trip to the grocery store has the special moment where he goes to pick out his fruit for his juice.

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