Importance of meditex market

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Meditex industry ranks fifth in the market of fabric with respect to other fabric marketing applications. In the technical fabric market, it is one the most rapidly growing field, according to reports, and stocking products. 

An essential field of implementation of fabric in medicinal usage has been introduced as wound heal and preventing long-term wounds. Band-aids and wound plastering are generally used in large quantities because they are inexpensive and can be reused. The medical fiber used here should possess compatibility with living tissues, adjustability, and durability.

Fibers for health protection application

These are used for medical usages such as strands, thread, material, and amalgams. Based upon the utilization, the essential needs of medical fibers are to be a good absorbent, grit, flexible, soft, and at times biostable or bio-degradable. The medical field materials may differ from inborn fabrics to manmade fabrics.

Sutures for wound: These are used as monofilament or multi-filament for tying up of bleeding vessels, the closing of wounds, and in joint flesh.

For soft tissue infix: For the making of artificial tissues and tendons and for fixing shoulder joints, knees, ankles, and arms, carbon fibers are used. Extensibility, permeability, pliability, and tissue similarity are the important things that are required for an artificial tendon and carbon fiber has all these qualities.

Cloak used for Surgery: Fire resistance, nontoxic, tangible softness, liquid-resistant properties, static safety, non-abrasiveness, and fluid repellency are the main requirements for the surgical cloaks which are easily achieved with the innovations in the field of the Meditex.

Robes for Surgery: Surgical robes are the uniform for the surgeons. To avoid infection and contamination problems non-woven, one use robes are used.

Masks used for SurgeryHigh air accessible, anti-allergenic, thin, and high bacterial proof filtration capacity are the essential requirements of it. Throw away masks made of non-woven material to give easy care maintenance.

Caps used for surgery: These disposable caps are made of non-woven material, spun-laid process, or parallel-laid cellulosic fibers.

The world Meditex industry is relatively merged in nature, with the smaller number of marketers across the globe. Worldwide the necessity for Meditexs is increasing, on account of the sound demand base of developed countries coupled with the nourishing demand from prospering economies. However, the fabrication is highly concentrated both in terms of geographical location as well as in terms of marketers around. Fewer production costs, inexpensive and expert labor force are generating chances for the turning up markets. Large hospital infection rates, cardiovascular diseases, and rising concern on aging, favorable regulatory framework is expected to boost demand for Meditex.


Improvement of textile is increasingly into cross-disciplinary high-end output with remarkable advancement in the industry. Meditex Competitive Centres are started to create more proficiency, knowledge, and standing partnership with medicinal scholars, bacteriologists, physiotherapists, and fabric technologists. All countries have their own rules and regulations for Meditex. Till the medical procedures carry on with development, the requirement for fabric materials is confined to growth.

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