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Destinations for Kids of All Ages: Where to Go to Keep Kids from Baby to Teen Happy

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Here is a breakdown of destinations for kids of all ages, including recommendations related to each age group. Whether you want to find fresh local veggies for your toddler to snack on, or your teen is into sports, there is much to please all ages (including mom and dad) in Toronto. In addition, you could also bring your favorite sports betting pastime via UFABET.

Big City for Kids of All Ages – Toronto

Toronto may surprise you as a choice here, but this is an amazingly diverse city with something to interest all ages.

  • For Babies and Toddlers: For such a large city, Toronto is amazingly clean (including smoking bans) and pedestrian (and stroller) friendly. Babies and toddlers will enjoy wandering the city’s various neighborhoods, and you can find healthy food options at the city’s produce market. Hit the Toronto Zoo to teach the little ones about animals in real life instead of books.
  • For Preschoolers and Children: There are wonderful museums geared at kids, such as the Ontario Science Centre, and there are cool spots like Centreville Amusement Park and Ontario Place. Also be sure to go up the CN Tower, which will be a cool experience for children.
  • For Preteens and Teens: There is a whole lot for teens to live. If your kid is into sports, hit the Hockey Hall of Fame or Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant. The Royal Ontario Museum is great for all ages, but kids younger than teens may burn out before seeing the whole thing. Spark their interest by letting the teens wander on their own or pick the exhibits to visit.

Beach Town for Kids of All Ages – Santa Barbara

While many people might rush to Los Angeles, or even Anaheim with Disneyland, just a short distance up the coastline sits a wonderful destination for all the kids (and parents). And hey, you can include a daytrip to Hollywood or theme parks anyway.

  • For Babies and Toddlers: They can play on the sandy beach, or enjoy a shopping stroller ride around town. Santa Barbara also has a great zoo that little ones will enjoy. There are also a variety of companies that offer baby gear rentals in the city.
  • For Preschoolers and Children: The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is sure to win over kids of this age, who will enjoy virtual fishing and other hands-on exhibits.
  • For Preteens and Teens: Older kids will love the social and friendly feeling of Santa Barbara, as well as hanging out at the beach. Let them shop on State Street in downtown, or enjoy any of a number of water sports.
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