Why Play Action-Packed Games

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Action games from are a favorite among gamers. These games keep gamers of all ages and backgrounds glued on their screens.

Recent research found that people who played action video games made decisions 25% faster than others. This makes them the perfect choice for older people who want to improve memory and concentration.

They Make You A Part Of The Action

As a genre of games, action games work best when they immerse the player in their worlds. They let you run through a city full of gangs of thugs and chop their arms with each swipe of the sword. They make you feel like you’re not just watching a movie, but a part of it. You’ll be flexing your hands and punching the sky in excitement.

Many of these action games incorporate elements from other genres. Bayonetta 2 as well as Horizon Zero Dawn, which combine sublime combat with expansive open worlds, are great examples. Nier Automata, however, is the game that takes the prize for combining styled action with frantic shooting and caustic bullet-hell. Armoured robots shatter like ceramics and explode into a shower of shards, while legless droids pull themselves along the floor in a hectic, non-stop battle.

Then there are those that focus on pure video game bravado, such as the wildly over-the-top Devil May Cry series. This series is full of sarcasm and has players fighting demons and angels that tower above the TV screen. The hero is also happy to wield a baseball bat covered in spikes. It’s no wonder that Dante is so beloved, his acerbic wit balancing perfectly with his blazing fast-paced combos.

They Pose Complex Challenges

Whether you want to blow stuff up or punch dudes in the face, action games have the answer. From a kung fu brawl to an armoured dinosaur tearing off its own legs, the best action games bring a host of intricate challenges that require a high level of skill.

The best example of this is the roguelike, where every new run through a constantly increasing set of rules or mechanics gives you an opportunity to try again and improve. Take Dead Cells, for example. This game uses procedurally generated levels in order to create a series of gauntlets that are stacked with challenges.

Other games use scripted mission to create intense experiences. Devil May Cry 5 is audaciously outlandish, playing with genre tropes like bloody swords, buffed-up heroes and motorbikes to great effect. The result is a nonstop ride that delivers on its promise of ‘action-genre incarnate’, bringing frantic fight scenes and blistering combos to an audience desperate for a rush.

Nier Automata takes a familiar idea and takes it to new heights. This sci-fi tribute to Vanquish, Bayonetta, and Yakuza is a true show fighter that’s hard to put down.

There are games that blend sublime action and a rich, immersive world into an experience that you’ll never soon forget. Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel, Horizon Forbidden West balances action and exploration by putting combat at the center of their design. Aloy’s encounters with the humongous dinosaurs are fluid and satisfying. Severing limbs and dismembering heads, as well as triggering a ‘go haywire reaction’, all pay off once you perfect your aim.

Finally, there are titles that combine action with stealth. These games are masters at changing the speed and difficulty of combat. From Arkane’s Deathloop’s sneaky cat-and mouse to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s ninja stealth, they do it with ease. These games are also big, taking you on an epic adventure that will make you feel like a king as you fight your enemies. These skills would come in handy when you are playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

They Make You Stronger Than Thanos

There’s a certain satisfaction in watching a hero like Thor or Loki fight colossal enemies. Action games are different from films. They put you right at the center of the action. You can feel the thrill when you crush your opponents as you work your way through the intricate challenges. It’s one of the reasons why action games can be so captivating. You can kick a gorilla into the face or fight like Terminator.

The best action games do more than push the envelope. They create new worlds. This is particularly true for the best independent action games, as they often take risks major studios wouldn’t consider. Take Nier Automata as an example. It’s a stylish game that switches effortlessly from caustic battles to frantic gun-battles to an open-world role-playing game. In the hands of a skilled player, it can be a transformative experience that feels like one coherent whole. The climax of the game, where you fight as an angel or demon, is particularly impressive.

Marvel’s Infinity War offers a satisfying action challenge. Thanos’s power is impressive, but he can still be defeated using a combination skill, strength and intelligence. He is difficult to stun-lock, and his Sanctuary is a formidable foe that requires speed and precision to defeat. The sheer number of Infinity Stones is what ultimately eclipses his brute force.

The game even allows players to create their own custom challenge with the Balance the Scales mode. In this mode, players start with a predetermined number of Infinity Stones cards and play encounters to increase the counters for each card. If you manage to defeat enough villains before Thanos can collect all six Infinity Stones, then you win!

It’s not hard to see why action games are so popular, but it is important that developers keep pushing the genre to new heights. This is why action games such as Arkane’s Deathloop 2, Dying Light 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn can deliver so much thrill by combining sublime action with a captivating world.

They Make You Thrilling

Most action games make you feel genuinely enthralled while you slash your way through hordes and hordes. There are countless ways to do this, of course, from the utterly simple to the wildly complex. One of the best examples is Hyper Light Drifter, which may not have as many enemy-popping moves as some of the other games on this list, but it’s still a joy to play thanks to the way it blends sword swipes with short distance dashes to chain together devastating combos.

Action games can be exciting, especially when they combine audacious gameplay and ambitious narratives. Games like Devil May Cry or Nier Automata are examples of this. The latter, for instance, takes you to an alternate universe where a dystopian futuristic future has overrun mankind’s technology and forces you fight to survive against technological gods of Hell.

But some of the most enthralling action games take things to a whole new level, eschewing story and character development in favour of pure spectacle and exhilarating combat sequences. PlatinumGames understands this, and has been pushing the boundaries of gaming for years. From the gleefully funny tones of Bayonetta 2 through to the unrelentingly chaotic chaos of Vanquish.

It’s a trend that other developers have picked up on, too. For example, the roguelike Dead Cells offers a thrilling experience that is perfectly balanced between challenging gameplay and exciting level designs. This creates a ‘just one try’ mentality.

What’s more, recent research has shown that playing action-packed video games can actually help improve your eyesight. According to research, the rapid movement your fingers make as you control your avatar helps sharpen your vision. This allows you to better spot tiny letters which would otherwise be blurry.

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