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Why art is being considered an important part of our Life?

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We know the earth we are living in is a kind of art. From our day-to-day activities, we can realize that art is surrounding us. If we went to the park, we can see the greenish gardens and the blossoms of flowers around us, which is a kind of art. If we are walking along the roadside, we can see the posters and the wall paintings. It is also a kind of art. So, all the things which we are surrounded instruct us that is a kind of art. When we are listening to a piece of fresh music, we will get positive energy, it denotes that the music is also a kind of art. Artists are the person who gives life to the art. Artists have a great demand in the future. Artists mean not only draws the picture, the person who designs, who paints, who made sculptures are also known as an artist.

What is the role of artists in the home?

An artist is a person who gives a new life to art. Art is an essential part of our life. Art changes our mood and it gives us a kind of emotion. Our family is a kind of art. Our mothers are the artist. They decorate our home and keep it very clean. They show us a kind of affection and love. Hence, they are known as an artist. Cooking is the best art. So, every person who cooks is also an artist.

In which way music is entertaining us?

From the ancient days to still today music is entertaining us in various aspects. Music plays a vital role in our life. Listening to music gives us a kind of pleasure feeling us. Everyone in the world loves to listen then a song. No one in the world hates music. It is to note that without hearing music the day is incomplete for us. There are various types of music such as classical, melodies, rap, hit music, etc. The choice of listening to the music based upon the people’s taste. Listening to the melodies takes us to a different world. Dancing along with the music gives a better experience and is also great fun for us. It reduces our stress.

What are the various factors entertaining us apart from the music?

Movies: Watching movies in the theater gives us a better experience. It creates an unforgettable experience. Apart from movies today we are having a lot of TV shows. These shows are the best entertainers for homemakers.

Reading books takes us into another world. Books are the best companion for us. Reading not only entertains us but also helps us to gain knowledge.

Traveling is one of the best entertainments we had ever seen in our life. Traveling to different places makes us learn about their culture. Traveling along with our friends makes our relationship socially very strong and going with family will gives us peace of mind.

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