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Sapphire Pendant: A Mesmerizing Blue Gemstone

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A mesmerizing combination of beauty and elegance, this sapphire pendant showcases the captivating allure of natural blue gemstones. This pendant, beautifully displayed in 10K gold, hangs from an 18-inch silver chain and is secured by a spring-ring clasp.

This vintage-inspired, diamond-encrusted necklace for her is enhanced by natural sapphires. This pendant is made of 14K white gold and hangs from an 18-inch cable chain. It is secured with a spring clasp.


The most famous sapphire color is blue, but this gem occurs in many shades of tone. Any corundum that is not red can be considered a sapphire. Sri Lanka produces the majority of the sapphires in the world. Blue sapphires can range from a light pastel to a deep navy blue, with hints purple. Cornflower blue sapphires are among the most desirable because they have the truest blue color.

Blue sapphires have the highest value of all natural gemstones. Their value increases with depth of color and clarity. Pure crystals are extremely rare, and these sapphires are usually cut into cabochons to show off their stunning beauty.

Sapphire is said to bring wisdom and loyalty. It was used in traditional medicine as a treatment for varicose and eye irritation. The stone is also associated with the planet Saturn and is believed to help keep evil spirits away. It is said to be the most beneficial of all gemstones for writers and singers, as well as anyone with an artistic bent.

Aside from the blue sapphire, some of the most prized corundum varieties are the pink and orange ones. The former, called rubies, is very expensive, but it’s not as rare. The padparadscha pink sapphire is a type of pink that has a color between peach and a ruby. Padparadscha sapphires are highly collectible as they are very rare and are very beautiful.

Other fancy sapphires, which are rarer to find, include white and yellow sapphires. They may not be as valuable, but they have a special charm. Natural white sapphires have a color that is close to that of diamond and are not as clear.


Sapphires have a blue hue, but are available in many other colors. The color quality of sapphires is determined by a combination factors, such as hue, tone, and saturation. The best sapphires have a velvety royal blue color and are considered AAA quality. Sapphires with a lighter shade of blue fall into AA and A categories. Sapphires with gray undertones are in the B category.

Clarity is just as important as color when it comes to sapphires. Most natural untreated sapphires have some inclusions, but the number and type of inclusions can impact the stone’s look. When evaluating sapphires, the size, location and type of inclusions are considered. The lower the sapphire’s clarity grade is, the more eye-visible inclusions it has.

The cut of a sapphire is also a factor in its beauty. A well-cut sapphire can transmit light efficiently and reveal its beauty. Poorly cut sapphires will lose light, and appear dull. GemsNY uses only the highest quality sapphires that are cut perfectly to enhance their beauty.

A sapphire’s clarity is also determined by its inclusions, which are mineral particles within the gemstone. Some inclusions can be seen by the naked eye and others with a loupe. The most desirable sapphires have few inclusions, and the size and look of these inclusions are considered.

Some sapphires are treated to improve their clarity. Beryllium treatment uses beryllium to penetrate the sapphire and intensify its color, while surface diffusion is a non-permanent chemical process that coats the sapphire with titanium, which helps to lighten the color and increase its transparency. At GemsNY we do not use any of these sapphires.

This pendant features a trillion-shaped sapphire surrounded by a bezel made of white diamonds of F color and VS purity, totaling 7.90 carats. The sapphire’s multi-hued color palette and mesmerizing silhouette mimic the vibrant allure of nature’s flowers, creating a harmonious expression of simplicity and sophistication.

Carat Weight

When purchasing a sapphire from, one of the most important factors to consider is the carat weight. A higher weight will indicate a larger stone. This will give the gemstone a deeper color and more sparkle. A smaller carat weight, on the other hand, will have a more subtle glow and will not display as much brilliance.

Sapphires are heat treated to increase their clarity. While heat treatment in the jewelry industry is standard and a common practice for many jewelers, others choose to only buy unheated gems. Unheated sapphires are rarer and can often have a more unique color. This faceted blue sapphire necklace is handcrafted with a beautiful unheated sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that features natural color zoning. The combination of yellow and blue colors creates an amazing greenish-blue color! This faceted gem has a very clean appearance, other than the natural color zones. It also has a very good cut that gives it excellent brilliance.

This unique piece is perfect for those who are looking for a natural sapphire pendant to stand out. This pendant is crafted from a stunning octagonal-cut deep blue sapphire with a total weight of 5.25 carats. The center sapphire has 0.32 carats worth of sparkling white diamonds surrounding it for a perfect blend of elegance and beauty.

This beautiful sapphire and diamond pendant is crafted in solid 14k gold. This halo pendant has a medium dark blue Ceylon (Sri Lanka), sapphire with a GIA Certificate, and eight deeper sapphires surrounding it. The total weight is 1.07 carats. This genuine sapphire was not heated or treated. It has a dark blue, natural color with some very faint inclusions.

The pendant is finished with a gorgeous white diamond halo for added radiance and dimension. This elegant accessory is sure to catch the attention of everyone you meet. This pendant comes with a 18-inch cable necklace that is secured with a lobster claw clasp. This unique octagonal sapphire pendant will become your favorite accessory!

Necklace Length

This captivating pendant necklace for women features a dazzling natural Montana sapphire surrounded by a graceful curve adorned with brilliant round diamonds. Fashioned in 14K white gold, this necklace suspends along an 18-inch cable chain that secures with a spring-ring clasp.

This pendant features a glimmering oval sapphire framed with round diamonds. It is a one-of-a kind design. The diamond halo surrounds a blue sapphire that has a color similar to periwinkle or cornflower.

For a casual look, choose a necklace that features multiple sapphires. They can be in different shapes and colours. These pieces can be paired up with a contrasting stone to create a striking contrast or matched together for a complementary appearance.

Most natural sapphires are untreated, but some are subjected to heat treatment to improve their clarity and enhance their color. This is a common, safe method used in the jewelry business. However it can change the color of some sapphires.

Sapphires are available in a variety of colors, from periwinkle and cornflower to royal blue and midnight. Sapphires are also available in a rainbow other colors such as pink, green, and yellow. Consider the color and transparency of the sapphire pendant that best compliments your style.

When shopping for a sapphire pendant, keep in mind the difference between a faceted and cabochon gem. A faceted gem is characterized by straight lines and facets which reflect light. A cabochon gemstone has a rough backside with a polished top surface. While a gemstone cabochon is more durable, facets on a gem faceted may make it more susceptible for scratches and other wear.

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