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Sports Guide from allows you to follow your favorite teams on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Your Guide is tailored to your location and the program providers you choose. You can filter it by sport and view it however you like.

A game story is usually started with a leaded. This tells the readers quickly whether they won or lost. Then, the key players are described and their performances are discussed.


Many of the databases used to research general topics are also available to research sport-related issues. Specifics can be found in the Research Guides.

Straight-lead sports articles are the most common. They summarize the main points from a sporting event, including who won or lost the match, the final score, and the contributions of key players. The best games stories are concise, but build upon their basic structure by adding details and quotes to increase their reading value.

Staff often need to be aware of the thousands of games that are played every day. The SportsTV Guide is a simple, easy-to read guide that lists all games in a logical and readable format. No more fumbling around clunky TV guides or newspapers. The season wrap-up and preview are essential for any sportswriter. They are usually written in the spring or fall and give readers an overview of what they can expect, whether it’s positive or negative.


Sports profiles are more than a simple summary of an athlete or coach’s career. These profiles are a great way to highlight an individual and their struggle in life and their athletic pursuits. These stories can resonate with readers and help establish a writer’s expertise in the field of sports reporting. They can also show editors and publications that the writer has a unique angle to offer on the subject matter, and can make the writer stand out in a competitive marketplace for sports writing jobs.

In contrast to regular articles on games, profiles require extensive research in order to portray the athlete or coaching staff accurately. This includes conducting interviews, searching the internet for public records, personal contact information and social media to gather background information.

In addition to describing a person’s background and accomplishments, the sportswriter must also place the person in an environment – a particular city, town or area. This can help create a sense of place and make the story more relatable to the audience. Pamela Colloff’s excellent piece from 2006 about a fired woman’s basketball player who was revealed as gay by former players takes place in a small Texas community where the coaches’ beliefs and morals clash with those of the locals.

The profile allows the sportswriter to highlight their own interests and experiences within the sport they are covering. This can be achieved by highlighting favorite players or teams in the biography section, and by including sports-related awards in the bio.

In your profile, it’s important to highlight your most memorable or impressive moments in your career as a sports writer. This can be any articles which have been a game changer, or those that have attracted a large readership or gained industry recognition. You can also highlight any exclusive interviews or in-depth articles you’ve landed for your work and provide links to your published works (whether they are game recaps or feature pieces or in-depth analyses). This will give employers a better idea of the breadth and depth of your skills as a sports reporter.

Season Previews & Closing

Sports Guide is customized for your location and program providers. You only see the games that you can actually show at your bar or restaurant. You can view your Guide how you want, and even highlight specific teams so they appear at the top of your Guide or in bold. And with the ability to view dates a week or more out, you can make staff scheduling easier than ever.

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