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Helping Our Kids in School

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Were your children ready for school this fall? Are they ready every fall? After a long summer break, some kids will be more than ready for school others will be dreading it and do whatever they can to not go to school.

Yet as parents we need to help prepare our kids to be ready and encourage them to do their best. For those kids who love school and have an intrinsic love for learning, this is easy. For the others it may be harder to convince them of the value of education and to obey while at school. If your child is having problems there are many factors that may be at the root. We could then unwind and play some 온라인카지노 벳무브 online and have the chance to win a bit of money. 

Have they been abused by someone, are they truly ADHD, bipolar, or have any other serious issues to contend with? What is the home life like, where do they live? If there is at least one or more of these or other factors happening in the life of your child(ren) then the school personnel need to know so they can better serve your child.

One must keep in mind though that these and other factors can slow down or inhibit your child’s learning and others around them. We must support the teachers in helping the children with these issues. For example if a teacher informs you that your child had a difficult day, not to take it personally as teachers do understand many of the stresses parents are experiencing as teachers also have their own children and the teachers of their children to contend with as well as your children.

Teachers are only trying to help your child be successful. Just remember if we as parents and teachers work together we can help nurture and develop kids who will become lifelong learners and productive citizens. If we do not help our kids learn to obey rules at home, school and out in the world, they will end up in the already overcrowded jails and prisons. As kids grow and make bad choices away from their parents or if they think it is ok to break a law, a police officer will not ask, have you been abused, are ADHD, bipolar and etc. They will just see that a law was broken and take them to the police station.

We need to start early, not wait until they are teenagers and wonder what went wrong. If a child had been taught from day one, the difference from right and wrong, that will help. I do understand many caregivers get kids after a mess has already been created. I have worked with teenagers with many issues all in one person and it broke my heart. When we get them after a mess has been created, all we can do is take them where they are in life and do our best to nurture and teach them the structure of rules and consequences. It will not be easy but please understand that teachers cannot allow one child to stop the learning of other classmates regardless of the situation but they are willing to help and modify lessons and activities to ensure each child is learning successfully. This includes all students from Pre-K to 12th grade and those in child care centers too.

It seems that daycare centers are not supposed to use time outs anymore. If children do not learn there are consequences early in life then they will grow up thinking they can do what they want later in life and school, jobs and careers will be difficult for them to relate to. I am not saying we need corporal punishment, I am just saying there needs to be a system in place for children to learn how to make good choices and when bad choices are made, they need to know they will miss some fun, or lose privileges or something.

Each childcare giver must decide what is best for each child as there are different strategies that can be used. Not every child will respond to the same strategy. Parents and caregivers must work together.

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